I’m not a stereotypical Asian kid, because my parents never forced me to play piano . By my own choice, I chose to begin learning how to play the piano when I was 6 years old, the same age as Henry. I absolutely loved piano when I first started learning. As a child, I would always pretend that there was an audience listening to my playing, it made me feel good inside. 

However, like many people, piano eventually seemed to become more of a chore then a pastime. Practicing, instead of being something new, became a monotone routine. I would go through my scales (occasionally), then cycle through the same songs for an hour. Fortunately, during my 7th year, I began watching anime . I loved not only the shows themselves, but the opening and ending themes, as well as the OSTs. Adding in these songs into my practice routine help refresh my love for piano, and because of this, I was able to continue on to grade 9 piano. After competing in provincials and placing 3rd, I quit formal lessons and now play piano recreationally. 

Even though it’s been a few years, I’m still an avid anime watcher (read: complete addict, I may need rehab). Being able to play my favourite songs from my favourite anime never gets old and I hope to continue posting videos along with Henry for you guys on Youtube . 

Other interests include: Swimming, biking, weightlifting, cheesecake, video games and being completely unproductive during 80% of my waking hours.



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