Like most stereotypical asian kids, I was forced by my parents to play the piano at the age of 6. At first, I really enjoyed playing the piano because I was able to create music at the command of my own fingertips. But as I grew older, this excitement and passion dissapeared.

Like most classically trained students, I followed the some old routine everyday: playing my techniques, followed by my studies, and then my repetoire pieces OVER and OVER again. It was around Grade 7 when I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to quit piano. I did not want to waste any more time playing this meaningless instrument.

However, my parents, had other thoughts and did not let me quit, making me very angry. But I have always believed that everything in life happens for a reason and now when I look back, I should be very thankful to my parents who encouraged me to keep playing and be the great pianist I am today.

A year later, in 2008, I rediscovered my passion for the piano. I began to print off several piano sheets of my favourite songs and played them during my spare time. To this day, I still remember the first song that I printed off: "Houki Boushi", the 3rd opening of Bleach. I loved the piano again and was amazed at the quality of music I was able to produce. I went on to finish my Gr. 10 Repetoire along with my Gr. 3 History and Harmony courses. I officially quit classical training in 2010 and play recreationally now. Learning piano was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I hope that our Youtube videos can inspire future pianists as well as musicians.







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